Factory Audit

    1. Factory Technical Audit (FTA)

    The factory audit services will assess the suppliers’ production capacity, quality systems, management, and operating procedure before you place an order. In this service, we will also check whether this factory has the experience and capacity in manufacturing specific products. These ensure that appropriate suppliers are being selected and that your quality specifications are fully met.
    • Factory Technical Audit covers.
    • Scale & organization.
    • Quality systems.
    • Manufacturing process.
    • Facilities/ Equipments calibration.
    • Working condition.
    • Management and human resources.

     2. Social Audit

     The aim of social accountability (code of conduct, human rights, ethical requirements) audit/monitoring is to ensure that your business partners abide with your company’s commitment and fulfill social responsibility.

     Main elements of a typical code of conduct:

     • Child labor
     • Forced labor
     • Health & Safety
     • Freedom of assessment
     • Discrimination
     • Disciplinary practices
     • Working hours
     • Environment.