During Production Inspection (DPI)

Product inspection when 20 to 50% of the products are ready, allowing implementation of corrective actions when mass production is launched and before it is too late.

     Our Duties

    • Evaluate product for safety, design, function, appearance, and performance.
    • Check for any defects and deviation from clients’ specifications.
    • Evaluate the packing methods and packing material.
    • Give practical and effective recommendation to improve quality.
    • Evaluate the production status and forecast if the shipment is in accordance with the schedule.

     Your Benefits

    • Assure that the mass production quality is the same as the golden sample.
        - Implement the necessary corrective actions before having too many defects.
        - Be aware of the percentage of defects of finished products.
    • The exact statement of the production planning.
        - Avoid unnecessary costs and delays.